Music is powerful, because music creates emotion.

As I have written songs over the years, I've found this to be true.  Every one of the songs I have written has a story. I dedicate them to our loving Heavenly Father and to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I know They live!  I know They love us perfectly!  Even when times are hard, I know They are there for us and will help us through our challenging times. I pray these songs and articles build and uplift, and that they give a feeling of peace, love, joy and gratitude.


(In acknowledging the love and support of my devoted friends and family, I am so grateful for my mother, Brenda, who was my very first teacher, piano or otherwise, who taught me how to play and love music when I was eight. She and my father, Doug, have been such a strength and support my entire life. To Marvin Hill, my Jr. High choir teacher who taught me the power of chords in the one month I took piano lessons from him. How grateful I am for this gift of music. To all my friends and family, especially my husband, Kieth, and my children, for their love and support through each of these projects.)


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