I love the Primary song, "I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints..." 
It describes me perfectly.  Yes, I am LDS.  Yes, I'm a Mormon.
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As members of The Church of Jesus Christ, we recognize God, our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ as two distinct immortal glorified resurrected beings.

Heavenly Father is the Father of our spirits.  We lived with Him before we came to earth.

Our earthly father and mother are the parents of our physical body that we obtained when we were born on the earth.

Our Savior, Jesus Christ, is the Father of the Resurrection.  After we die, each of us will be resurrected, and Jesus Christ will be the Father of our resurrected bodies. 

All of this was made possible through the atonement, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

 Click to read "The Living Christ."

Click to read "The Living Christ."



My journey of coming to know and love my Savior began early in my life.  I had been raised to believe in Heavenly Father and had been taught about His plan and the vital role Jesus Christ would play.  I had heard the stories of Jesus healing the sick, raising the dead, and other miracles He performed.  But it was through the witness of the Spirit that I came to know for myself that these stories were true.

One such powerful occasion occurred when I was about twenty-one.  One of our Apostles, Elder Bruce R. McConkie, gave a talk in General Conference (April 1985) on the atonement of Jesus Christ. 

The doctrine he taught that day was beautiful and I knew he knew something very special; and I wanted to know, too.  The thing that touched me most was his witness of God the Father and The Lord, Jesus Christ, and how he would see his Savior "in a coming day."  As he spoke, I had such a feeling of love and emotion overwhelm me.  I knew everything he had said was true. 

Elder McConkie He died just two weeks later.

Why do I love Jesus Christ?  Because I know He loves me.  He knows me!  He knows who I am, what I am going through, and most importantly, He knows how to help me return home to Him.

I know Jesus came to earth as a baby, truly the Son of God, and was raised by his mortal mother, Mary, and as a carpenter's son by his step-father, Joseph.  I know Jesus lived to become a man, and although I cannot fully comprehend His atonement and all that entails, I know it happened.  I know it's real.  I know through it we can become cleansed and healed.  And most importantly to me, I know that through my Savior, Jesus Christ, I can return home to Him and my Heavenly Father, and live with Them and my earthly family for eternity.