Our letter worksheets are designed to help each child begin to recognize beginning sounds. There are five (5) worksheets for each letter, all done with a similar layout:

Pg 1 - The child colors the pictures that begin with the letter sound. These pictures were also used in the letter story. The child then circles the correct # of how many pictures he colored.

(Note: "ax" is used in the "x" story, so if the child does NOT circle "ax," it's because he was not taught "ax" in the letter Aa story.  If he does circle "ax" when you say what the picture is, you'll know he hears and recognizes the short sound of "Aa." Clues like this are throughout the program to help you know what you're child is actually learning.) 

Pg 2 - To get ready for printing and cursive, the child traces the outline of the ants steps. He/she circles the picture that begins with the letter sound, then circles the letter the picture begins with.

Pg 3 - The child circles all of the letter "a" (or whatever letter is being worked on); then writes the letter in both upper and lower case.

Pg 4 - The child writes the letter ("a") beside each picture that begins with that letter's sound.

Pg 5 - This is a cut and glue page. The child cuts out all of the pictures and glues on the ones that goes with that letter on the bigger picture. (i.e. alligator, Adgit, ant and ambulance would all be glued on the large apple.)

WORD FAMILY Worksheets

Once the first two letters are learned (Aa, Tt,) the child learns the "Slide Technique," (a+t=at) with each new letter being added to the different word families. (i.e. c+at=cat)

After the first eight letters (Aa, Tt, Cc, Rr, Ss, Hh, Mm and Nn) - the child is ready to begin reading the first two-five readers.

Pg 1 - Introduces that unit's sight words. The child circles the two out of three words that are the same on each line.
(Even though the child may not yet be able to read the sight word, he/she can recognize the words that look the same and circle them.)

Pg 2 - the child writes the letter that each picture begins with below - then writes all of those letters in the last box to create the "mystery" word. (These words will belong to that unit's word family or families.)

Pg 3 - This page is designed to help each child recognize beginning, middle and ending sounds, to truly help them catch patterns in reading.

Pg 4 - This is a cut out page. Each child cuts out the letter tab and two lines in the picture, so the letter tab can run through the picture, creating more words from that unit's "word family." (i.e. "at" = cat, rat, sat, hat, mat)


Unit Exam Worksheets

Each Unit has an exam that reviews letters (upper and lower case), sounds, word family words, sight words and comprehension questions from little readers. These should be done in a "one on one" setting.

Pg 1 - The parent or teacher asks each child to point to the letter under # (1, 2, 8, etc.) and asks:
      a. What is that letter?
      b. What sound does that letter make?
      c. What picture begins with that sound?

Pg 2 - This page helps the child identify upper and lower case letters, and read both real and nonsense words from that unit.

Pg 3 - This page focuses on the unit "sight words" and comprehension from the unit color readers.