The nineteenth century Romantic period spans the years of 1825 to 1900. Many varied musical styles arose during this era.

While the Classical era emphasized balance, control, proportion, symmetry and restraint, the Romantics expressed
themselves in more of an exaggerated, and oftentimes radical way. They sought out the remote and strange. Romantic music focused on dissonance, freedom of expression, with a feeling of urgent and extreme emotion. (See also Baroque)

Definite elements that stood out during the Romantic era include:
     * a wider range of dynamics
     * a larger range of sound
     * a greater variety of instruments (including the new wind instruments)
     * longer, more emotional melody lines
     * more extreme tempos
     * more full harmonies

Romantic harmony uses the diminished seventh chord frequently, creating the feeling of ambiguity. Some Romantic composers also enjoyed using chords without a resolution, just to give their listener a sense of frustration.

The types of Romantic music we’ve included in our programs are: Symphony, Opera and Opus.

You can meet thirteen of the world's most famous composers by clicking on the corresponding link:

      Hector BERLIOZ                              Edvard GRIEG                            Pyotr Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY
      Georges BIZET                                Franz LISZT                                Giuseppe VERDI
      Johanne BRAHMS                          Gioachino ROSSINI                   Richard WAGNER
      Frederic Francois CHOPIN            Robert SCHUMANN
      Leo DELIBES                                   Johann STRAUSS II