Phonics to Reading (Set 1: Units 1-4)


Phonics to Reading (Set 1: Units 1-4)


Set 1 includes everything for Unit 1-4:

Unit 1 Letters - Aa, Tt, Cc, Rr
  Word Family - "at"
  Sight Words - the, on, a, is, and

Unit 2 Letters - Ss, Hh, Mm, Nn
  Word Families - "am," "an"
  Sight Words - hello, saw, then, has, this

Unit 3 Letters - Ii, Dd, Ff, Bb
  Word Families - "ad," "in," "it"
  Sight Words - I, not, for, are, my, me

Unit 4 Letters - Uu, Gg, Pp
  Word Families - "ag," "ig," "ug," "ut"
  Sight Words - no, with, to, he
(Complete with stories, songs, games, hands-on activities to teach letters, sounds and words, along with word families.)

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