In "Phonics to Reading" - repetition is FUN! 
We sing, we dance, we jump, we MOVE! 


Each Letter Song really moves...  We repeat the sound of the letter three times, while we "walk in," "run out," and "turn circles."

The STORY Song

Each story song is written to one of seven popular tunes the children are probably already familiar with:
"Are You Sleeping," "Have You Ever Seen a Lassie?"
"London Bridge," "Mary Had A Little Lamb,"
"Old MacDonald," "Row Your Boat," and "Twinkle Little Star."



Since our goal is to teach reading, we teach the "Alphabet" in an order that promotes reading. However, we do teach the letters in "Alphabetical Order" through this delightful song (Alphabet Funetics), key words and actions in ASL (American Sign-Language). 

Here is a sample of the song for letters A through E.


Music is not only fun, but so effective in teaching. With "Phonics to Reading" each letter of the alphabet is taught through a variety of songs:

                    1  - the Letter Song
                    2 - the Story Song
                    3 - Alphabet Funetics