Click on image to go to website where "Parts of speech" poster is sold.

Click on image to go to website where "Parts of speech" poster is sold.


This really was one of our favorite things to include in any subject, and it's so easy and inexpensive to do.

Years ago, while searching for home-school supplies, I ran across this poster at Utah/Idaho and it truly became one of my favorites! (It's also at other locations. Click on the image above to go to a website where this poster is sold.)

Regardless of the subject we were studying, we could ALWAYS bring in the parts of speech. Each day for a week, we would pull out a paragraph or two from any subject we were working on, type it up, print it off, and color the words according to this chart! It was so easy and fun!

WEEK 1 - Our very fist week, we started with the ARTICLES (the words: the, an, a) and outlined them in GREEN. After doing this one time, each day, for the first week, we ended up with five papers that we continued to use for weeks 2+ until all of the words were colored.

WEEK 2 - We learned about NOUNS (any "person," "place," or "thing") and colored them YELLOW.

WEEK 3 - ADJECTIVES (words that describe nouns) were colored in ORANGE. (Remember to color the "Articles" [the, an, a] orange; they are "special" adjectives! That's why they are outlined in green and colored in orange.)

And so on...

You can pick your order. That's just how we started, since it seemed easy to begin.

When all the words on the page are colored in, we just typed up a new page with new paragraphs and continued learning the different parts of speech.

That meant, if it's a new page (w/ a new paragraph) - we would color ALL of the parts of speech we had learned up to that point that day!

You can get the "Parts of Speech" poster for $2.00 at:…/114092--Parts-of-Speech-Char… or if it's no longer on sale, it's only $2.99.