About "Master of My Destiny"

A sweet friend of mine, Dona Hill, is a master poet and has such a way with words, as you will see in this fun, upbeat song.  This could easily be a duet (or divide the choir or group in half) and have each side sing every other phrase.

When Pres. HInckley came out with 'Way to Be" I could relate to many of the virtues he was espousing in his book, as I also wrote songs stressing virtues.

I spoke with Dona about the possibility of writing a song about gaining an education and encouraging youth to be smart and she emailed me these words in poem format, so I attempted to put them to music. 
(See "I want to Be True!" - also by Dona.)


1 Schooling is rewarding in many, many ways
   Learning marks the winners path, education pays
   Abundant lives result from those who follow through
   The world will see our strengths and honors will ensue

   If I keep on learning and every truth embrace
   I can help to make this world a better place
   Building on the legacy of those who've gone before
   Life will be fulfilling, now and evermore (*Chorus)

2 I'll learn the Savior's teachings and read His sacred word
   Heed the quiet voice He promised could be heard.
   By study and by faith with diligence I'll seek
   To teach the words of wisdom He would have me speak

   Discerning truth from error requires constant care
   To avoid the devil's darts, I'll rely on prayer
   I'll graduate from "earth school" and be all I can be
   Earning honors with a Celestial Degree!  (*Chorus)

CHORUS:  I am the master of my destiny.  The things I learn in "earth school" are mine eternally,
   and so I'll study, each talent utilize, be smart and knowledge gain; seek truth and I'll be wise.