About "I'll Offer My Hand"

Shortly after I wrote my gratitude song (Sing Unto The Lord), this song just came to me.  It was like a gift from heaven. It was another song that was written within a couple of hours.

As it started, my thoughts saw the service aspect, but as I got to the part about our Savior stretching out His hands, it was as if I could see the crucifixion and His atoning sacrifice for us in this song.  I began to weep, again in gratitude, determined to serve and lift others, and most importantly, to point them to Christ!

I have such a testimony that He lives!  I haven't seen Him, personally, but I have seen His influence in my life!  I have felt His spirit on a regular basis and I know He loves each one of us.  He is aware of our needs.  I know we honor Him when we serve each other.


Lyrics to "I'LL OFFER MY HAND"

CHORUS:  I'll offer my hand to all who'll accept.  I'll stretch forth my hands in love.
                  I'll give you the power to choose, you can choose.

1. The heaven's and the earth were created by hands; by the Savior's hands.
   His gentle hands, they brought forth man and He blessed them; he blessed them.
   His hands healed the sick; His hands raised the dead.
   The blind saw His face with His hands on their head.
   His hands had the power to save; that's why long ago He'd say:


2. My hands have the power to lift someone's load; help them on their way.
    My gentle hands can help someone stand, I can bless them like He blessed them, so...
    I'll offer my hands in love, for I have the power to choose.
    My gentle hands can help someone stand, I can bless them with my hands.