Create Your Own Timeline

It has been SO fun to be able to pick the topics we wanted to learn about as a family and then place a picture of them on our timeline.  We just used a roll of adding paper (for an adding machine) as the timeline. We wrote the years (in 10 year increments) on the paper. Then we taped images of what we studied on the timeline.

We started with History as our theme for several years, which was a GREAT start, because then we had this amazing time-line on which to put EVERYTHING ELSE we did.  After a while (three years), we got tired of History being the focus for the year, so we moved on to Science as the focus for the next year (or two, or three), then we chose Music, then Art, and so on. You get the idea...

We made a lot of our own "Rhyme/Date" flash cards that we used to play history games with:
     MATCH (like concentration) - where the "cards" are all face down and you flip a date card over and try to match the correct "rhyme" event that goes with that date.
     I KNOW - where we used them as flash cards and we would hold up one card (either date or rhyme) and everyone would try and say the date or event that matched. The first to do so, got that card for that game. After all the cards were gone, whoever had the most cards at the end, "won."

Examples of what we did for our "Ancient," "Medieval," and "Renaissance" History years can be downloaded above.  (Just click each to download a separate .pdf of these time periods.)  Included in each .pdf are the images and dates of the different topics we studied and put on our timeline, as well as the simple rhymes we made up to help us remember, to give you an example of what we did.  I've included a sample of the timeline that we chose topics from at the end of each .pdf. (These amazing timelines were compiled by a good friend, Bonnie.)  There is so much information out there, we may not have everything on these timelines, but you'll see there is A LOT of information on them, and they worked well for us.  Anything we studied in Modern History also went on our timeline, but we did not have "Modern" History as a theme for our year.  We moved on to Science, Music, Art, etc. 

I've not yet included some of the things that we learned or activities we did to integrate other subjects into these topics. I'll try and add some of our favorites to the "Freebies" page.  (They will be listed under "Examples of Activities, Subjects, Unit Studies" section.)

We hope you have fun integrating other subjects into history. It's so EASY to do. You can study ANYTHING (art/artists, math/mathematicians, science/scientists, etc.) and add them to your history timeline according to their date!  It truly is amazing to see how they all wind in and out of each other!