Here's a list of some of the fun educational games we played listed by subjects w/possible links.  If you have any suggestions you want to add, just let me know!

GREAT producers of Educational Games:
     Ampersand Press     Discovery Toys     Professor Noggin's Card Games     University Games                    PBS Kids               Online Learning Games for Kids      Sheppard Learning

     History of Art    Masterpiece

     Brain Quest (Around the World)     Countries of the World     Risk

     Hail to the Chief     History of the United States     Your America

     Boggle     Quizmo (Phonetic / Sight Words / Vocabulary)     Scrabble

     Bazaar     Number Rings     Pick-It (Logic)     Quizmo (Add/Sub, Multiply/Divide, Fractions/Decimal, ect.)     Rack-o

     Human Body   Earth Science     Into the Forrest     Space     Wonders of Science    The Way Things Work    

AMAZING COMPANIES:  Dorling Kindersley (DK)     Kids Discover Magazine (and more)      Usborne