Learn about the beginning history of the United States, along with the Bill of Rights and "The Power of the Constitution" in this fun, amazing program.  Experience the Constitution through songs and integrated ideas in history, science, art, math, debate and so much more!  You'll see the Constitution come to life as never before!

 Click to see what's included in the constitution sample download

Click to see what's included in the constitution sample download

Contents / Outline
Chapter 1
Chapter 3
Chapter 5

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"I have really enjoyed reading The Power of the Constitution!  Along with the music and activity ideas, a homeschool parent would have the building blocks of a great program to learn and appreciate the beginnings of our great country and how our government and Constitution were established.

The layout was done nicely.  I enjoyed having study questions at the beginning of each chapter.  To be honest, as a 56 year-old learner, I was amazed at how much I didn’t know!  Debbie did a masterful job in her writing style that made learning about Government and the Constitution easy for my style of learning.

What a great tool to have as a family study!

This book can be enjoyed at any age, and a must for teachers and parents who want to add a curriculum that I don’t feel is being taught any more.  Let’s please not let our children forget our rich history and sacrifice of Founding Father’s who established our unique Republic and blessed land.

For the price of a dinner for two, for what ever reason, "The Power of the Constitution" is a must!  Enjoy!" (from Leean, Virginia, USA)