(If you look closely in this chapter, you'll find footnote "9h" on pg 24, along with the actual wording of the Constitution. That lets you know that in the back of the book - where the Constitution and Bill of Rights are complete with their original wording, you'll also see that in Article 1 - Section 9 of the Constitution, there will be a paragraph listed as "9h" and showing page 24, so if one studies the Constitution in the back, it will connect him to the section of the book where that part of the Constitution is discussed. You can easily find the section below if you look for the yellow paragraph.)

Our Republic - Song
Our Republic - Song (pg 2)

Do you see the example of "9h" above?  It is pointing you to Article 1 - Section 9 of the actual wording of the Constitution, located in the back of the book under the Constitution and Bill of Rights Footnotes section. So when you click on the link, it will take you to the foot note section where the entire Constitution would be found. (Look for the bolded information that will guide so you can see what to look for.)


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