Some people define classical as any performance in a concert hall or any music on the serious side. Others group the periods of Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic together and call it Classical.

Music, art, literature, and architecture can all be referred to as the “classics,” however, there is a distinct period of time from 1750 to about 1820 known as the Classical era.

CLASSICAL Music is known for its:
     * simple, clear music
     * balanced themes
     * defined harmony

This music was written to represent the confidence and prosperity of the time. Classical was intended to be tuneful, light, and elegant, rather than the heavy, formal, serious music of the past.

With the passing of time, new instruments were developed allowing writers to combine them into original sounds and harmonies. These were expressed in presentations of symphonies, concertos and sonatas.

The types of Classical music we’ve included in our programs are: Sonata, Anthem and Opera.

You can meet three of the world's most famous Classical composers by clicking on the corresponding link:

          Ludwig van BEETHOVEN     Franz Joseph HAYDN     Wolfgang Amadé MOZART