Baroque is a period of time from A.D. 1600 to 1750 which followed the Renaissance Era (from 1400 to 1600). Music, art, literature, and architecture created during this period of time is considered “Baroque.” (Go to: Classical or Romantic)

Baroque means highly or ornamentally decorated. The one involved in the creation of such a piece is considered a Baroque artist.

Four elements of Baroque music include:
     * strong rhythm
     * staccato (short, separate notes)
     * layered dynamics (loud parts followed by soft parts of music)
     * improvisation (the ability to create as one played)

A composer is a person that writes music. Baroque composers believed that music represented the emotions, affections and passions of real life. Thus, their goal was to write music that excited their listeners.

The types of Baroque music we’ve included in our programs are: Dance, Oratorio, Canon and Concerto.

Meet four Baroque Composers through our "Meet the Composer" series or our complete "Sing Your Way to the Classics" program:

     Johann Sebastian BACH     George Frideric HANDEL     Johann PACHELBEL     Antonio VIVALDI