STEP 1 - Subject
Choose the subject you want everything to focus around.
(for the month, year, etc.)

See how the "thesaurus" helped us see other subjects in art!  (Click on the ART image to download.)  This might help you see how to expand into other subjects.


STEP 2 - Principles
Pick the main principles or concepts (Note: Art literally contains "Elements," "Principles" and "Styles." We just went with "Elements" and "Principles.")

STEP 3 - Thesaurus
Look up Subject in the thesaurus and highlight key words that jump out.

(After highlighting words that stuck out, I looked up thesaurus words for the Art elements and principles.)

"Elements" and "Principles"

ELEMENTS:    Line, Shape, Texture, Value, Color, and Space
(Click the highlighted words above to see how we expanded on them.)

PRINCIPLES:  Harmony, Variety & Contrast, Balance & Patterns,
                         Movement & Rhythm, Dominance, and Unity

Thesaurus - ART

(NOTE: The "key" words that stuck out to me are bolded and italicized.  ALL of the blue highlighted words in the thesaurus are linked to other thesaurus words. They are not our links. Sorry for the confusion!)

Synonyms and Antonyms of ART (a noun)

  1. an occupation requiring skillful use of the hands one of the country's finest practitioners of the art of cabinetmaking
    Synonyms: craft, handcraft, handicraft, trade
    Related Words: skill; calling, métier (also metier), occupation, profession, vocation

  2. subtle or imaginative ability in inventing, devising, or executing something while some people see it simply as mindless fun or exercise, there is an art to skateboarding
    Synonyms: adeptness, adroitness, skill, artfulness, artifice, artistry, cleverness, craft, cunning, deftness, masterfulness, skillfulness
    Related Words: dexterity, ease, finesse, handiness; experience, expertise, expertness, know-how, proficiency; creativity, ingenuity, inventiveness, knowledge, learning; aptitude, bent, flair, gift, knack, talent
    Near Antonyms: amateurishness, awkwardness, clumsiness, crudeness, klutziness, rudeness; inability, inadequacy, inadequateness, incapability, incapacity, incompetence, ineffectiveness, ineffectuality, ineffectualness, inefficacy, inefficiency
    Antonyms: artlessness, ineptitude, ineptness, maladroitness

Just from the above words for ART, we chose: skill, craft, knowledge, science (from knowledge), talent, manners and chivalry (ideas that came from seeing "crudeness/rudeness"). That was a start! (See where we ended up...)

STEP 4 - Ponder / Brainstorm
Create a list of books, projects, activities, field trips, etc. that seem to relate.

Have fun! Watch your relationships grow and your learning expand.

In searching for books on Art, I found one I used as my main Art resource: "Teaching ART with Books Kids Love." It had a chapter on each of the Art elements, principles and styles, giving us plenty to build from. 

Just by using the thesaurus words alone, we could see how easy it is to bring other subjects in to our yearly theme. Imagine what can be done when one really brainstorms relationships and connections. Time for you to discover...

Have Fun!