Meet "IDGIT" CLICK on Idgit to go to videos and "Meet Idgit."

Meet "IDGIT"
CLICK on Idgit to go to videos and "Meet Idgit."

WHY is Power-Plus-Learning "Phonics to Reading" program the best child's beginning reading program on the market?  Because it is full of fun and it works! 

Stories, songs, games, activities, projects, worksheets, American Sign-Language (ASL), and timed readings help each child master the concept of beginning reading easily and thoroughly.

Teachers, parents and home-school families will love the fact that we integrate other subjects like math, science, art, and drama to teach each letter and sound. Experiencing learning through the senses makes it easier to remember. Letters are taught in an order to promote reading, but this program is flexible, so you can teach them in any order you choose... one of the many reasons this beginning reading program is the number one program out there.

"IDGIT" magically brings this beginning reading program to life. 

Each time the children learn a new letter, they meet a new Idgit.  (Adgit, Tidgit, etc.)  Vowels are a little trickier.  The children seem to catch the long sound easily (as it says it's name - Aa, Ee, Ii, Oo, or Uu). We focus on the short vowel sound which tends to be a little harder for them!

The children also learn how to magically change their own names with each new letter, making the concept of "beginning sounds" fun, in a unique way.  (Hear audio link below, taken from the Letter A Story introduction.)


Click on the audio link "Idgit"
to hear how we change his name.


Click on "Sample Idgit"
to download a small "Idgit."


Week 1 - Letter A

While Adgit and Adam were laughing and eating apples, Adam began to choke.  Adgit called for help, so Andy and his partner arrived in an ambulance.  (To learn more about their near accident, click on our "Letter A" button and, for free, you can experience the Letter "A" through our Power-Plus-Learning approach.)

After experiencing the short sound of the letter “A” through stories, songs, games, projects, and worksheets, the children move on to our next letter... "T."

Week 2 - Letter T

Tidgit takes the children on a tantalizing trip to Tahiti where they see turtles and tigers, eat tangerines and enjoy another exciting week of stories, songs, games, activities, and worksheets all based around the sound of “T.”

Upon learning the short sound of the letter "A" and the sound of the letter "T," the children learn how to slide the two sounds together to form the word family "AT."

NOTE: A word family is a word that makes other words easily when a letter is added to the beginning:
at = cat, rat, hat, mat, sat, etc.

Some children learn this concept faster than others and that's okay.  To help the children visually grasp this concept, you can teach each letter in a different color.  When the child can read the two letters together as one word, that word becomes one color and is put on a flash card to help with memorization.  (Another fun way is to have them physically experience this slide technique by taking them to a park and using the letters and sounds you want to blend on a real slide.)

Our word family worksheets and our original "Scat Cat" game help the children master the concept of blending sounds to form words.  (Click on the button above for a free experience with our "AT Worksheets" or the button below for more on the "Scat Cat" game - which can be purchased under Reading Downloads. )

With the "at" family and a few sight words, the children are ready to begin reading our little color reader books.

Each of our 16 booklets are designed perfectly with:

  • a personal timed reading that will increase both speed and accuracy in reading
  • questions about the story to develop comprehension
  • a picture and a few words on each page for easy reading

Each child will feel successful, as he continues to beat his own time through this self-competitive reading experience.


  1. Make sure the child knows the words he will be reading.
  2. Count the words on the page or in the short story.
  3. Using a watch or a clock, give the child one minute to read as far as he can. 
  4. At the end of that minute, say stop.
  5. Count the number of words the child read in that minute.
    (If there were a lot of mistakes made, review the words and try again.)  Each time you do a timed reading, start from the beginning. 
  6. Do these timed readings a minimum of three times. (The child will likely want to do more than three, so allow him or her to do as many timed readings as he/she would like.  However, we suggest no more than 10 at a time.)

NOTE:  By repeating the same words previously read, the child will soon get the flow of reading and may soon have it memorized.  If this happens and the stories start to become tongue twisters, you can have him read it backwards, or move on to the next story.  Either way, he'll be pleased with his reading abilities.

That's it!  In just seven (7) units the children will have learned:

  • all 26 letters of the alphabet (3-4 letters per unit)
  • 18 word families
  • 34 sight (or high frequency) words
  • be introduced to our 16 color readers
  • be well on their way to reading

As Squarespace is unable to upload the entire program, we offer two halves at a discounted price.  Where the entire program retails for $64.99, each half is only $19.99.

Both sets include: ALL f the stories, songs, games activities, worksheets, and readers for their respective Units, so you get the COMPLETE program at a discounted price... PLUS our "Scat Cat" game for FREE! 

That also allows you to try our program for under $20 when you download the first set.  By teaching one unit a month, this amazing program can be completed in as little as seven months! 


Try our first of 16 COLOR READERS for FREE or purchase the set for $3.95 under Downloads - Phonics to Reading.

Try our first of 16 COLOR READERS for FREE or purchase the set for $3.95 under Downloads - Phonics to Reading.

Phonics to Reading Pt1
Phonics to Reading (Set 1: Units 1-4)

Set 1 includes everything for Unit 1-4 letters, word families, and sight words:

Unit 1 Letters - Aa, Tt, Cc, Rr
  Word Family - "at"
  Sight Words - the, on, a, is, and

Unit 2 Letters - Ss, Hh, Mm, Nn
  Word Families - "am," "an"
  Sight Words - hello, saw, then, has, this

Unit 3 Letters - Ii, Dd, Ff, Bb
  Word Families - "ad," "in," "it"
  Sight Words - I, not, for, are, my, me

Unit 4 Letters - Uu, Gg, Pp
  Word Families - "ag," "ig," "ug," "ut"
  Sight Words - no, with, to, he

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Phonics to Reading Pt2
Phonics to Reading (Set 2: Units 5-7 Plus SCAT CAT.)

Set 2 includes everything for Unit 5-7 letters, word families, and sight words PLUS our famous "Scat Cat" game:

Unit 5 Letters - Ll, Jj, Kk
  Word Family - "ap," "ill"
  Sight Words - they, said, love, her, she

Unit 6 Letters - Oo, Qq, Vv, Ww
  Word Families - "og," "op, " "ot"
  Sight Words - of, do, was, his, put

Unit 7 Letters - Ee, Xx, Yy, Zz
  Word Families - "ed," "en," "et"
  Sight Words - we, have, went, who

PLUS... "Scat Cat" Word Family game.


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