"Meet the Composer"

Introducing twenty of the world's most famous composers from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic period. Meet these talented musicians individually (through our "Meet the Composer" series below) or all twenty in the complete "Sing Your Way to the Classics" program.

Each delightful program includes:

  • a summary of Baroque, Classical, and Romantic music
  • a brief Biography of the Composer
  • a coloring page of the Composer
  • a dot-to-dot page of his birth country
  • a brief synopsis of his song
  • INCLUDES: a FUN version of his song as well as his MASTERPIECE
                       (both in MP3 format with a fun written version)

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Meet Johannes Brahms and hear his "Cradle Song."

(Just click on his image and audio buttons to your right.)

Click to "Meet... BRAHMS"

Click to "Meet... BRAHMS"

This unique approach not only makes learning the classics fun and delightful but easy to remember the name of the composer and the title of his work.
People will think YOU ARE BRILLIANT!!!  You will literally "Sing Your Way to the Classics" with each composer.