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          Carolyn Oborn (K)              CENTERVILLE, UT

          Carolyn Oborn (K)
             CENTERVILLE, UT

          Vicki kielsmeier (K-3)  weber schools-ogden, UT

          Vicki kielsmeier (K-3)
 weber schools-ogden, UT

               donna harding                 (Special Needs)

               donna harding
                (Special Needs)

              Lois o. schwab       (american mothers, inc.)

              Lois o. schwab
      (american mothers, inc.)

"Sing Your Way to the Classics" / "Meet the Composer" (Comments from "Teachers Pay Teachers")

"Love that there is a kid friendly way to present Berlioz." (from Just a Little Music)

"Excellent. I used this sheet and others that you created for my Music Survey class. So very helpful. Thank you so much... I believe I have all of your musician sheets... Excellent. Love your composer sheets.  I own them all." (from Alice Frati)

"Some fun ideas for integration of other subjects in the music classroom. Some great visuals included in the document that I'll use for theory and general music. Thanks!" (from an anonymous buyer)

"This really met my needs. Thanks." (from Cheryl R.)

"Excellent resource for the class! I like your style and I'm now your new follower!" (from Ready to Teach English and Spanish)

"A wonderful addition to my recent study on Bach! I will purchase other composer packets." (from Stephanie S.)

"This product is great. It is more of what we should be teaching kids when we are not 'teaching to the test.'" (from Old School Works)